Helping Children

No one really knows how many people are malnourished. The statistic most frequently cited is that of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, who estimated in October 2010 that 925 million people are undernourished.

Three factors influence hunger:

  • neglect of critical agricultural opportunities for the poor
  • the current worldwide economic crisis
  • the significant increase of food prices

Children are the most visible victims of malnutrition. Children who are poorly nourished suffer up to 160 days of illness each year. This is not only a risk factor for neonatal deaths, but also causes learning disabilities, mental retardation, poor health, blindness and premature death.

More than 26 percent of malnourished children live in Africa.

Harlem Tours and Car Rental works to alleviate malnutrition by donating 3% of the profit from every tour to malnourished children living in Ethiopia.

Nothing is more important to our national life than the welfare of our children, and proper nourishment is our first step.

Experience Ethiopia. Help children.